[Engagements/Family Photography/Just BECAUSE]
1.5 hours of coverage
150+ artistically enhanced digital images



Wedding Day Coverage


Limited bookings per year

Fine art albums and additional studio prints available.
For booking: or the contact form below.


So, somethinggg kinda-sorta *dramatically* important to you is about to go down, (maybe it’s a family photo session that’s way overdue, some headshots that make you feel like a confident babe, engagement photos that document one of the most emotional and exciting bits of your life, or maybe it’s the big one, and some glorious wedding plans are in the works!) Whatever it is, it needs to be photographed— and not just in a blasei, get it done kind of way, but in a way that steals your thought-life during the day kind of way. It needs to photographed artfully, with thought, with intention, in rawness and in beauty, and more than ever you’re realizing the whole Darling aesthetic has captured your interest for this occasion. I feel that. I like that. And, I think we need to talk!

Give me a hello along with your basic info, let me know your dreamy photo hopes, I’ll absorb your vision, give you some of mine, and from there we will see if working together feels just right.